Newcoast Village

Newcoast Boracay Newcoast Village, the first luxury residencial phase of Boracay Newcoast, evokes the quaint and intimate character of the world’s most famous Mediterranean coastal village. Prime subdivisions lots, offered in a variety of sizes, are arranged around a private and exclusive community area, where the days take on a sweeter, slower, more soothing rhythm.

• 197 prime residential lots available
• 2.5 hectare property
• Underground cabling system
• 12m road system
• 250 sq.m. – 388 sq.m.
• Also known as the Residential district has a    total area of 8.5 hectares
• An average of 250 square meters per lot, with    197 available lots on sale
• Rolling terrain, with proper design for drainage    system
• No beach view
• 10 meters – maximum height requirement of    houses (from the road)
• No house and lot package yet
• No theme
• Roads will be 12 meters wide, with 10 meters    for the secondary roads. Newcoast Village    will have a separate entrance from the Spine    Road.

You don’t need to go to Bali or Greece to experience elegant living. Boracay Newcoast Village has it all for you! Whether you are looking for a new home to settle down in or a vacation house that brings the entire clan all together during holidays, Boracay Newcoast is the place to be.

Experience life at Boracay Newcoast Village!

Boracay Newcoast

Boracay Newcoast